Anedza Coffee Profile

Delivered to you from the highlands of Cundinamarca, central Colombia, the coffee from our co-op farmers is meticulously produced. The wet beneficio process, involving hand sorting, depulping, fermentation, washing and then open-air patio drying produces a quality coffee. This process, done alongside traditional growing practices in the favourable Colombian climate, results in a clean, medium acidity coffee with fragrant floral aromas, sweet red fruit flavours and subtle notes of caramel and citrus.

Coffee Varietals and Harvesting

Our Arabica coffee varietals are CASTILLO and CATURRA. The coffee is blended from two farms: Oropel in Tena at 1,850 metres, and Viota at 1,600 metres. Cundinamarca coffee is characterised by its medium acidity, medium body, and sweet notes, with a clean, soft cup and a very pronounced scent. Fruit is used to provide permanent crops, selectively collected and processed by the wet benefico process. Fertilisation is done twice a year, and no spraying takes place.


Family run Cooperative Farmers

Our coffee is sourced from a Cooperative group of farmers. This consists of one main farmer with the primary mill and drying facilities. The smaller farmers have the benefit of the using the larger farm facilities to process, collect and produce their coffee as part of the Cooperative.

Our Excelso coffee is speciality grade, above 80 on the SCAA quality scale. The Excelso bean screen size is over 15 with defects of less than 3%. The Bean Density or Humidity levels are at 10.6%.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the famers, who are the hub of the local communities. We do this through equitable pay and working alongside the farmers to help them to use the best sustainable growing methods to grow the highest quality speciality coffee possible.

Quality Control

Our coffee is checked and graded by our local team in Colombia as part of the SCAA (Q grader) standard. This ensures the quality and consistency of the product we are delivering to you.

FNC Certified

Our Cooperative farmers are Fondo Nacional del Café (FNC) certified. FNC in English means National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, is a democratic and federated organisation that represents the interests of more than 563,000 coffee growing families. Because of its number of guilded coffee growers, it is one of the largest agriculture NGOs in the world. Its activities are directed towards improving the well-being of coffee growers’ families by providing assistance in sustainable and competitive practices within the coffee industry, as well as promoting social investments.


Colombian coffee: classic, desired and consistent

Colombia is probably the world’s best-known coffee producer and ranks second worldwide in yearly production. A high standard of excellence is maintained with great pride and careful growing on thousands of small family farms across the country. Such care and attention results in consistently good, mild coffees, with a well-balanced acidity.