Benjamin Mathews

Business Development


We are a company in New Zealand dedicated to the commercialization of green and roasted coffee, offering the best door-to-door service and facilitating the sale and / or rental of coffee equipment with the best technology and innovation in the market, improving the quality of life of our clients.

An-edza.ltd was founded in 2016 by a group of Venezuelan, Colombian and New Zealand professionals who love good Colombian coffee and are willing to distribute this unique and delicious flavor to the last corner of New Zealand.

Our coffee is produced in coffee zones of Colombia that offer the ideal conditions for production and process. In a variety of microclimates that give it its characteristics and distinctive qualities of each region.

Anderson Zapata


Chief Financial



Marketing and Sales


Neyvi Zapata

An-edza.ltd is part of a group of companies dedicated to the coffee business,

consisting of farms, profits, toasting, local marketing and export,

which allows us to offer a variety of services and excellent quality coffee.
We are governed by a code of ethics and values that characterize our relationship

with customers, employees, shareholders, maintaining a relationship of confidentiality.
We are a comprehensive company, committed to our quality

and our social responsibilities and the environment.


To be leaders in the distribution of green and roasted coffee in the New Zealand market.


Satisfying our customers, with our permanent consistency in providing the best Service and the best Quality of our Colombian Coffee.


1) Trust

2) Transparency and open culture.

3) Responsibility.

4) Integrity.

5) Availability to change.

6) Passion.

7) Transformation.

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